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Today we have added two mini world changes on Hexana. Thanks to first one of them you will be able to visit a new area on Ariamir and travel through the island. You can get more information from NPC Angmar who can be found below Ariamir depot. We would like to remind you that only people without bots and with Game Guard can access the island.

The second change was intended for players with the highest rank in traders' faction. During random days NPC Keemsul will be visiting traders' island. He buys various items with a higher price. Convenience and increased income for members of the traders' faction.

Additionally we have introduced these changes:
- We have fixed wrong ship routes. What was it about? In some cases it was possible to travel from town A to town B but it wasn't possible to travel in reverse way. Now the routes are more logic.
- We have added possiblity of looting vampire dust with a blessed wooden stake from: Vampire Bride.

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Pumpkin event results.
Thank you for joining our pumpkin event :) Even though 1010 players participated in the event, nobody managed to find all of the 30 pumpkins!
However three players got the same score. For this reason we decided to make all of them winners and award them with the first prize and 2500 shop points. Congratulations!

1. Meatgrinder - 27 pumpkins
1. Move On - 27 pumpkins
1. Polhan Here - 27 pumpkins
4. Harpaga'N - 26 pumpkins
5. Tyrumis I - 23 pumpkins

Best house decoration poll results
It it also the time to present you the results of the best house decoration poll. Only players with at at least 200 level character on their account could vote. Additionally we accepted only unique votes from players (one person - one vote). Below you can see the results of the voting:

Points from players:
1. Allen Walker - 10 pts
2. Flam Boy - 9 pts
3. Bajonek - 8 pts
3. Razer Ownz - 8 pts
5. Xao Almighty - 6 pts
5. Masakrowiec - 6 pts
7. Facetka - 4 pts
8. Gi'Ga - 3 pts
9. Erol - 2 pts
10. Harpaga'N - 1 pts

Points from administration::
1. Masakrowiec - 10 pts
2. Erol - 9 pts
3. Allen Walker - 8 pts
4. Vixov - 7 pts
5. Facetka - 6 pts
6. Harpaga'n - 5 pts
6. Bajonek* - 5 pts
8. Flam Boy - 3 pts
9. Razer Ownz - 2 pts
10. Gi'Ga - 1 pts

(*) In our voting Harpaga'N and Bajonek received the same score therefore the are both placed sixth.

1. Allen Walker - 10 + 8 - 18 pts
2. Masakrowiec - 6 + 10 - 16 pts
3. Bajonek - 8 + 5 - 13 pts
4. Flam Boy - 9 + 3 - 12 pts
5. Erol - 2 + 9 - 11 pts
6. Razer Ownz - 8 + 2 - 10 pts
6. Facetka - 4 + 6 - 10 pts
8. Vixov - 0 + 7 - 7 pts
9. Xao Almighty - 6 + 0 - 6 pts
10. Harpaga'N - 1 + 5 - 6 pts
11. Gi'Ga - 3 + 1 - 4 pts

Congratulations! We will contact the winners in game :)

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We have decided to extend the pumpkin event to Monday, 7:00. The current leader found 18 out of 30 pumpkins. Don't hesitate - you still have a chance to win a prize!

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Here are the screenshots sent to our Halloween house decoration contest placed in alphabetical order. After clicking a picture, it's full version will be displayed. Link to a poll where you can vote can be found below the last picture. Good luck to contestants!


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Info about contest pumpkins: Pumpkins are located on whole Tibia map + Asylum :) Good luck :-)

In today's update we have focused on fixing minor bugs which existed on Hexana. Most of them were reported during the test of our new server 10.5. If you would like to help us with the test and see where we currently are with the project, visit To be clear - Hexana will never be restarted, it won't be closed, and updated to 10.5 ;-)
Below we are presenting you the changelog:

- We have increased decaying time of human corpses from 20 minutes to 1 hour (according to RL Tibia)
- We have fixed a tp on Banuta - it was moving 1 floor lower than it should.
- We have fixed a few quest boxes which were giving amulets with 1 charge.
- We have updated Svargrond arenas on Hexana to make them look like on Real Tibia. Additionally we have changed prizes. Instead of runes it will be possible to get silver rune emblem (like on RL)
- Similar update on Pits of Inferno - we have changed runes to silver rune emblems
- We have fixed the time of chameleon rune effect from 60 seconds to 200 and illusion spell from 60 seconds to 180.
- We have removed possibility of travelling from Venore to Darashia with pz lock.
- From now on Energy Soil is required for teleport in the spawn in Magician Quarter
- Helmet of the Deep must be worn in order to access Sunken Quarter (we have also fixed graphic bug on tower)
- We have removed a bug with stains which were supposed to not decay
- We have added possibility of getting key #5000 (Wyda's room)
- We have fixed enchanting of a Relic Sword
- The Sorcerer Guild in Thais is only accessible by sorcerers now

- We have fixed location of NPC Muzir on Darashia
- We have fixed outfits: Grizzly Adams, Guide Elena, Morpel, Halvar
- We have fixed NPC Gorn (his offer)
- New NPCs/fixed locations of them on Yalahar
- We have fixed offer of NPCs who sell runes. Fireball Rune, Icicle Rune, Magic Wall Rune, Holy Missile Rune can be bought only from NPC Alexander on Edron. Magic NPCs are not selling Magic Light Wand anymore, they buy Spellwand instead. We have also fixed offer of npc Alexander on Edron.

- We have fixed loot of 93 monsters. We have fixed the drop chance and added missing items to the loot.
- We have fixed outfit of Nomads
- Betrayed Wraith, Gargoyle, Stone Golem, Toad, War Golem, Damaged Worker Golem, War Golem, Worker Golem, Serpent Spawn, Swamp Troll have been fixed with adding the proper creature type.
- We have fixed corpse of a Butterfly :)

- We have fixed requirements (according to real Tibia) for items: elite draken helmet, jade hat, witch hat, shield of corruption, magma amulet.
- We have fixed weight of over a dozen items (northern pike, scarab coin, elven brooch, heaven blossom, ancient tiara, holy falcon, greeting card, arcane staff)

RPG :-)
- We have updated dialogues of these NPCs:
Tim The Guard, Edala, Chondur, Captain Bluebear, Black Bert, Alexander, Halvar

The number of added/fixed texts is 30.

- We have fixed last mission of Yalahar Quest (it was possible to finish the quest without killing any monster waves)
- We have fixed Infestor Tower - leaving the tower before teleporting to Infestor will not players make players get teleported to Vesuvia after 40 minutes. (available from Saturday)

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