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Tyson Ii - 650lvl

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Sektor - 400lvl

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Caverne - 250lvl

Co'Kot - 300 lvl

Dwrkuig' Dhadrasf - 32mlvl

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Posted by team.

- We have fixed a bug on our website regarding guilds managing. Leader of the guild who weren't the owner of the guild had no permission to edit ranks of other players. We have also improved the user interface in guilds section.
- Changes to Lucifer - he is now immune to paralyze, he also spawns 3 dazzlers instead of 2 at once. We have also ahcnged the maximum number of spawned Dazzlers from 10 to 9. Additionally dazzlers will change their target less frequently.
- We have added a new section on our website with cast statistics.

Posted by team.

Today we have introduced casts on Hexana. To start streaming type the command /cast on. If you would like to start casting with a password, you can do that using the command: /cast on password.

To watch casts ingame type: /watch or /watch password in protection zone. You can also watch the casts by logging to the server without account name and password. If the cast has a password, enter it in the password field (still empty account name).

Posted by team.

Today we have updated Tasks on the server. We have made lots of changes with tasks, questlog and Grizzly Adams.
Additionally Ariamir has a new location with new riddles and a boss with unique loot!

Below you can read about changes with tasks:
- We have increased the maximum number of active tasks from 1 to 3
- We have added 6 new tasks (with questlog) with: Drakens, Destroyers, Undead Dragons, Hellhounds, Ghastly Dragons, Medusae
- With 6 new tasks we have added 6 new bosses who can be accessed after completing cerain tasks
- Grizzly Adams will inform you during a conversation when you can advance to a higher rank in Paw and Fur Society
- We have increased point requirements for ranks in Paw and Fur Society (to reach the highest rank you need 100 points)
- Characters with 130 level and above will be receiveing additional points during tasks if their total number of points is below 70
- We have fixed questlog

Posted by team.

- We have added crash protection. Despite the fact crashes occur rarely on Hexana (2 times last year) we have added a protection thanks to which in case it happens players won't lose anything. Previously we were only able to retrieve lost levels and skills.
- We have added an option of sorting best players by vocation. It is now possible to check e.g. which knight has the highest magic level.
- We have added new items to a shop - runes which add 100 or 500 points.
- We have changed creature attacks - now they don't hurt themselves.
- We have changed Desintegrate rune. Now it works like on real and removes all items from a stack except for human corpses.
- We have fixed Blessed Wooden Stake (it was possible to get it without visitng all blessers).
- We have fixed Shiny Stone (now using a pick will only shatter one stone instead of whole stack).
- We have fixed teleport to Yalahar Demons (previously it required a specific soil instead of one of 4).
- We have changed level requirements for: Executioner, Arbalest.

Changes in lord system:
- We have increased a chance of getting items from reward boxes after killing Lucifer by 50% and also increased the chance of getting items with more bonuses.
- We have increased a chance of getting items from reward boxes after killing Phaser by 30% and also increased the chance of getting items with more bonuses.
- We have changed Lucifer's attacks - he now has a new attack and the current ones were weakened. We also changed the maximum number of dazzlers on the map.
- We have changed generating items with bonuses with protection from Lucifer. From now on it won't be possible to get an items which had protection from three different types of attack - instead received item will have protection from only one type of attack but higher. Reward box at Phaser will stay the same.
- Because of increasing item drop from Phaser we have decided to increase his attack power by a bit.

Monster changes (according to RL Tibia):
- Massive Water Elemental (fixed attacks and added loot)
- War Golem (protection from death decreased from 75% to 25%).
- Deathbringer (added 100% protection from fire).
- Killer Caiman (decreased attack power and updated loot).
- Dwarf Soldier (doesn't run on low hp anymore).
- Dark Apprentice, Dark Magician, Mad Scientist (decreased attack rate).
- Spectre (updated attacks - higher poison power and changes in healing).
- Enlightened of the Cult (updated attacks, added poison, decreased invisibility time).
- Massive Water Elemental (fixed attacks, added poison).
- Barbarian Headsplitter (fixed attacks)
- Mutated Bat (fixed attacks, added curse condition)
- Diabolic Imp, Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Lizard High Guard (lowered healing power)
- Braindeath, Demon Skeleton, Orc Rider (speed change)
- Lizard Chosen (it's not possible to paralyze him anymore)
- Quara Pincher, Quara Hydromancer (decreased paralyze power)
- Charged Energy Elemental, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Muddy Earth Elemental, Blazing Fire Elemental, Blistering Fire Elemental (they can see invisible players now)

NPC changes:
- NPC Tesha - added possibility of selling golden figurine
- NPC Ezean - added possibility of buing parcels

Posted by team.

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