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Here's another portion of advances sent to

Asap Gotuj - 400lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets a prize!)

Destru - 200lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets a prize!)

Brave Blood - 300lvl

Darkthrone - 666lvl

Fullmetal Alchemist - 250lvl

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Here's another portion of advances sent to

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Below we are presenting you the poll results, which was held to find out who your favourite tutor is. We would like to thank all tutors for their hard work and players who voted showed their opinion. As you can see undoubtly your favourite tutor is Rotiv :)

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We have added a few missing quests thanks to which you can get addons which could only be unlocked for Vip Coins in game. Below we are showing you the list:
+ We've added A Father's Burden Quest. Thanks to this quest you can get Old Cape, which can be exchanged for the first Wayfarer Outfit addon.
+ We've added Unnatural Selection Quest. Thanks to this one you can get sedge hat, which can be exchanged for the second Wayfarer Outfit!
+ We've added An Interest In Botany Quest. Thanks to this quest you can get Sedge Hat, which can be exchanged for the second Wayfarer Outfit addon.
+ We have added the Blessed Wooden Stake Quest. Because of this change we have removed the possibility of buying it in the shop.
+ We have added The Spirit Will Get You Quest. This quest must be completed in order to be able to unlock addons for Wayfarer Outfit.

+ We have fixed a bug allowing players to reach Ariamir without Game Guard.
+ We have added Raid Token to more mini-bosses: Grandfather Tridian, Dharalion, Barbaria
+ We have fixed a bug with pending guild invites. Sometimes a person who is in the guild was also invited to it. The guild pages look more clean now. We have also removed all old pending guild invites.
+ We have fixed capacity bug on Rookgaard. Previously characters were receiving 5 more capacity per level, now they get 10. We have also updated maximum capacity of all characters affected by this bug.
+ We have fixed a bug with because of which NPCs were not appeared every Friday on Rookgaard port. It is our weekly mini-event on Rookgaard. We invite all players from Rookgaard to visit the mini-port on Friday and trade with NPC :-) ps. It is also possible to buy Light Magic Missile ;-)

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In just two days, on Tuesday 5th August we will be celebrating a big event - Hexana's fourth anniversary! On 5th August 2010 at 15:00 we have started Hexana. We weren't aware that we will be writing this news to a few hundreds of players after 4 years :-) Thank you for this! This year the anniversary will be a little different - it will last three days during which, as we hope, you will have lots of fun. To be short. here's this year's list of events on Hexana! All dates are in CET.

Monday, 4th August - we start the fun!

07:00 - find totems!.
On the map of Hexana we have hidden 49 totems, find all of them first and you will get additional awards!
I place - 1000 shop points + Donator Box
II place - 750 points
III place - 500 points

Additionally each totem gives 1 additional ticket in our lottery!

13:00 - Hexana update! - Presentation of anniversary update :-)

From 17:00 - Anniversary raids.
Rookstayers embittered by the slow technological developement on their island decided to invade Mainland and take control over it.
Can you manage to repel imigrants from Rookgaard?
Raids will run randomly until tomorrow's draw. Each Rookslayer Imigrant will be giving one ticket for the lottery!

Random hours - Riddles
Prizes will be awarded to first 3 players. Riddles will be announced to all players in game and we will be waiting for your answers in "rule violations" channel (ctrl+r)
I place - 15 tickets + Donator Box
II place - 10 tickets + Donator Box
III place - 5 tickets + Donator Box

Tuesday, 5th August - Anniversary!

Random hours - More riddles :)

18:00 - Anniversary quiz!
We have prepared 50 new questions which will be used on this day.
I place - 1000 points + Donator Box
II place - 750 points
III place - 500 points

Additionally each point in the quiz will be awarded with 5 additional tickts in our lottery!

19:00 - Results of the best tutor plebiscite and awards
I place - CM Token - 2000 points + 30 tickets in our lottery
II place - CM Token - 1000 points + 20 tickets in our lottery
III place - CM Token - 500 points + 10 tickets in our lottery
IV place - 500 points + 10 tickets in our lottery
V place - 500 points + 10 tickets in our lottery

20:00 - Opening of an amphitheater on the southern Asylum and prize lottery!
Prizes will be given only to online players and who will be able to take them within 5 minutes from the draw. If the player will be offline - we will draw again!

Wednesday, 6th August - Hangover ;-)
For anniversary hangover we will double the experience for 24h!

Anniversary lottery - prizes
The draw will be held in amphitheater on southern Asylum. Below we present you prizes which will be available:
- 2x Solar Axe
- 2x Solar Sword
- 2x Dark Trinity Mace
- 2x Robe of the ice queen
- 5x Lucky clover amulet
- 5000 points
- 2500 points
- 2000 points

Additionally a person who collects the most lottery tickets will be awarded with a special prize, one of these items:
- Solar Axe (+9% crit), Solar Sword (+9% crit), Dark Trinity Mace (+9% crit)

P.S. Mr. Gambler in Asylum depo will be exchanging up to 50 vip coins for lottery tickets!

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