Server Commands

!blessingBuys all blessings. Price is determined by your level (75% more than a price in NPC).
!broadcast textBroadcasts a "text" to all your guild members. You have to be a leader of a guild to use this command.
!g_outfitSets the same outfit as a guild leader has for the whole guild.
!infoShows some information about your character.
!buyhouseStanding in front of house doors - buys a house
!sellhouse PlayerSells a house to a player (using trade window). In order to sell a house both players must accept a trade, additionally the seller must stand inside the house which is being sold.
!leavehouseLeaves a house.
!fragsShows information about frags & red skull time.
!set spellcolor 0/1Sets the color of the spell text to:
0 - yellow
1 - red
House Commands: aleta sio - guest list
aleta som - subowners list
aleta grav - access to a door
alana sio - kick player out of your house
War Commands: /war declare GuildName - declares a war to GuildName
/war stop GuildName - stops a war with GuildName

To start a GuildWar you need to have at least 10 members in Guild with minimum 50lvl.
When you kill your opponent in GuildWar mode and his level is similar to yours then you will receive 15% of experience which he lost.
Casts Commands: /cast on - starts casting
/cast on password - starts casting with a password
/watch - type it to watch casts
/watch password - type it to watch casts with set password
%mute player - mutes IP address of a player
%desc Cast description - sets cast description visible here: Casts

You can also watch the casts by login to the server without account name and password. If the cast has a password, enter it in the password field (still empty account name).