Hexana is inhabited by intelligent creatures - Lords. Lords can sense the weakest spot in the team and attack in the least expected moment. They are unpredictable and fighting them requires special caution. They also know previously unprecedented spells: - they can send a player into a void to stop him from participating in the fight
- they can silence his magic, making it impossible to cast any spells
- they can bind the enemy to the ground, so he cannot escape

By killing lords you have a big chance of looting an item with unique bonus. Your new sword may have increased critical chance, higher damage, speed bonus or you may loot an armor which decreases damage from elements, a shield which can increase your defensive skills. Unique items can be auctioned by players on a market on our website and sold for shop points. Gained points will be added to sellers account! Bonuses are random so you never know what you will get!

Below we are presenting several lords, who dwell in Hexana.
Phaser - A Lord who can bend the time. Ruler of time and space who can send any unit into a void, teleport and deal critical strikes, switch places with enemies, send lethal shock waves. Phaser is a really tough opponent. He chooses enemies who can be killed easily and the closer to death he is the more wrathful attacks he performs. Prepare for the unexpected strikes which will occur more often when Phaser runs out of health.

Infestor is a Lord, who uses various insects to fight, which have to hatch from eggs in the first place. He places the eggs from time to time. Additionally he can spawn a group of deadly larvae. Destroy the eggs before insects hatch from them and watch out for spawned larvae and Infestor will not be as powerful as he seems to be.

Nagaroth - one of demonic lords, spawning in Unholy Chamber during an event in Engran. The strongest boss in game - therefore there isn't much information about him ;-)

Ratha - a witch to whom only castle owners can get after purchasing a teleport to Collapsed Mansion. She is known from powerful spells thanks to which she can stun her enemy and decrease his vital powers.

Arshak - one of Nagaroth's servants. A mighty sorcerer who defeated many Hexanians. He can silence mages removing the possibility of casting spells by them. He can be met in Birrick Castle undergrounds in Engran after reaching Slayer rank in Head Hunters' faction.