Main quests on Hexana

Alawar's Vault Quest 0
Ancient Tombs Quest 75
Annihilator Quest 100
Barbarian Arena Quest 0
Behemoth Quest 80
Black Knight Quest 50
Deeper Fibula Quest 50
Demon Oak Quest 120
Demon Helmet Quest 100
Dreamer's Challenge Quest 0
Desert Dungeon Quest 20
Elemental Spheres Quest 80
Fire Axe Quest 60
Hidden City of Beregar Quest (Firewalker Boots, Dwarven Legs etc.) 0
Hot Cuisine Quest (Jean Pierre Cooking Quest) 150
the Inquisition Quest 100
Killing in the Name of... Quest 0
Kissing a pig Quest 0
Koshei the Deathless Quest 40
Mad Mage Room Quest 40
Paradox Tower Quest 30
Pits of Inferno Quest 80
Postman Missions Quest 0
Sam's Old Backpack Quest 40
Sea of light Quest 0
Wrath of the Emperor Quest 80
Queen of the Banshees Quest 60

Tibia Tales quests on Hexana

Against the Spider Cult Quest 40?
An Interest In Botany Quest 0
Koshei the Deathless Quest 0
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest 0
Steal From thieves Quest 0
the Exterminator Quest 0
the Ultimate Booze Quest 0
To Blind the Enemy Quest 0
To Outfox a Fox Quest 0
Tower Defence Quest 0

Custom quests on Hexana

Beat the death
You need 30 achievements to start this quest.
In search of Truth Quest
NPC Tina in Heliar needs help with finding out what happened to her husband. Can you help her?
Pandemonium Quest 350+
Vesuvia Quest 300+

On hexana there are over 200 Quest Boxes on the map! Almost all quests come with a Quest Log so if you get lost, don't forget to check out your questlog! Full list of Tibia quests (almost all are added on hexana) is available here.