Rules of Hexana

Hexana is an online role-playing game in which hundreds of players from all over the world meet everyday. In order to ensure that the game is fun for everyone, we expect all players to behave in a reasonable and respectful manner.
We reserve the right to stop destructive behaviour in the game, on the official website or in any other part of our services. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, the following offences:

1. Names
a) Names which contain insulting (e.g. "Bastard"), racist (e.g. "Nigger"), extremely right-wing (e.g. "Hitler"), sexist (e.g. "Bitch") or offensive (e.g. "Copkiller") language.
b) Names containing nonsensical combinations of letters (e.g. "Fgfshdsfg").
c) Names which were created to fake other players' identities (e.g. "Arieswer" instead of "Arieswar"), official positions (e.g. "System Admin") or in game creatures (e.g. Dragon Lord).

2. Cheating
a) Exploiting obvious errors of the game ("bugs") or website, for instance to duplicate items. If you find an error you must report it to us immediately.
b) Intentional abuse of weaknesses in the gameplay, for example arranging objects or players in a way that other players cannot move them.
c) Trying to steal other players' account data or items ("hacking").
d) Omitting the multi-client limit by using for example proxy services. The current limit is 6 online characters per player.

3. Gamemasters
a) Threatening a gamemaster because of his or her actions or position as a gamemaster.
b) Pretending to be a gamemaster or to have influence on the decisions of a gamemaster.
c) Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.

4. Player Killing
a) Excessive killing of characters who are not marked with a "skull". Please note that killing marked characters is not a reason for a banishment.
b) Attacking players using two or more characters which have the same IP address as well as using multi client to passively gain advantage in a fight is prohibited.

5. Shop
a) Polish SMS and wire transfer payments are handled by Dotpay S.A. All reclamations concerning not received SMS can be submitted here:
b) By purchasing points via SMS, you also accept the phone number to be added to our marketing list. If you would not like to receive informations about promotions related to our servers, send an e-mail with the phone number to our address
c) International payments are handled by Fortumo and PayPal. In case of problems with fortuno payment, please follow the steps here: and in case of PayPal payment problems, contact us under
d) Server staff does not take any responsibility for incorrect code and service number entered on the website.
e) If an ordered item is not delivered after 30 minutes - please contact server staff by "Rule Violation" channel (ctrl+r).

6. Omitting the multi-client limit by using for example proxy services - additional information.
a) Omitting multi-client limit for the first time to omit the server's multi-client limit will result in 90 days banishment and a possibility of putting a character on auction.
b) Omitting multi-client limit for the second time to omit the server's multi-client limit will result in 180 days banishment and a possibility of putting a character on auction.
c) Intentional and frequent omitting multi-client rules may result in 60 days banishment on player's main account. Second warning may result in 180 days banishment and a possibility of putting a character on auction.

7. Other
a) Blocking depot lockers with casinos or any other gambling characters (except for Liberty Bay) will result in a 90-day banishment, then permanent banishment of the account. With the third punishment we will also ban player's main account for 30 days.
b) Characters which haven't been logged into the game for days can be auctioned and sold without any compensation.

Violating or attempting to violate the Hexana Rules may lead to a temporary suspension of characters and accounts. In severe cases the removal or modification of character skills, attributes and belongings, as well as the permanent removal of characters and accounts without any compensation may be considered. The sanction is based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the previous record of the player.
It is determined at the sole discretion of the administration and can be imposed without any previous warning.

We reserve all rights to user accounts, objects, artifacts, characters.

These rules may be changed at any time. All changes won't have to be announced on the official website.