Server Information

Client: 8.6 Download Tibia Loader!
> Download Hexana 8.6 client with GameGuard
PVP Protection Level 1-99
You can not be killed by other players until you get 100 level.
Exp Stages 1 - 50 - 350x
51 - 100 - 200x
101 - 130 - 100x
131 - 150 - 60x
151 - 180 - 30x
181 - 200 - 18x
201 - 249 - 12x
250 - 349 - 8x
350 - 599 - 5x
600 - 799 - 3x
800 - 1299 - 2x
1300+ - 1x
Skill Rate: 20x
Magic Level Rate: 7x
Loot Rate: 2.5x
Houses Over 1200. You can buy them as soon as you get 75 level.
Empty houses: 601

Please note that you will lose your house if you don't login on your character at least once every 30 days.
PVP Kills Red Skull
10 kills / day
60 kills / week
150 kills / month

20 kills / day
100 kills / week
200 kills / month

We are showing 10 killers with most delivered damage but only 3 of them, with most damage delivered, gets a frag.
Players without bots: If you decide to play on Hexana without using any kind of bot such as ElfBot you will receive some benefits. To receive the benefits you must download our game client and login using GameGuard. Below we present you a list of bonuses you will receive:
- 30% experience bonus
- ability to travel to bot-free island - Ariamir
Restarts? Server started on 05.08.2010! There will not be any restarts on Hexana World.
Commands Click for more info


Hexana is inhabited by intelligent creatures - Lords. Lords can sense the weakest spot in the team and attack in the least expected moment. They are unpredictable and fighting them requires special caution. They also know previously unprecedented spells.
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Unique items

By killing lords you have a big chance of looting an item with unique bonus. Your new sword may have increased critical chance, higher damage, speed bonus or you may loot an armor which decreases damage from elements, a shield which can increase your defensive skills.


There are 47 achievements on server. We present here 8 of them, the rest is hidden and you will have to talk to some NPCs in order to get some valuable information about them. Are they valuable? Definitely yes! You will receive a special treatment on Heliar island as soon as you get a lot of them!
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Are you following the way of the warrior, maybe you can unite the people thanks to your diplomatic skills so you can become a great trader or maybe you would like to learn the secrets of alchemy? Three major organizations are looking for people who would like to join them! Become a member of one of the factions on Hexana and gain exclusive profits.
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On Hexana you can put a merchant NPC, who will be selling items for you. Thanks to this you can go hunting or log out and the NPC will keep waiting for clients :-) Merchants can be put only in a certain designated area (red glowing switches). Currently the only market place is located in Asylum.
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Map with new towns!

Hexana is not only the well-known real map. It's also 7 additional towns, from which 1 is exclusively available for non-bot players! New towns also bring riddles and new quests! Check them out!