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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexana 8.6

Guild - Asylum

The guild was found on Hexana on May 14 2016.
It is led by /player/show.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Vice-Leader Jon' Snow (Valar Morghulis) 564 Elder Druid
Paramaxzord Birekinha 622 Elder Druid
Member Rp'Brizadinha 518 Royal Paladin
FlaM Spizgane Oczy Kobry 426 Master Sorcerer
Matador De Gringo 175 Master Sorcerer
Pot Farm (Plantar pra ñ Comprar) 267 Master Sorcerer
Monterrey 252 Master Sorcerer
Opala Ss 203 Sorcerer
Tyrell 146 Sorcerer
Frigo Iluvatar (MAS FRIGO and you DEAD ^^ ) 329 Elder Druid
Snopdog 258 Elder Druid
Exori Eclipsi 195 Elite Knight
Outift ((Tanker of asylum Exori gran You DeaD^^)) 387 Elite Knight
Recife (Tanker of Asylum) 343 Elite Knight
Dragon Guardian 308 Elite Knight
Pizza Frita 221 Elite Knight
Detonitz ((Tanker of asylum Exori You DeaD^^)) 221 Elite Knight
SaN Bleuczynsky 421 Royal Paladin
Takeo 218 Royal Paladin
Fandangos 203 Royal Paladin

1. The Monsszter 258 Elite Knight
2. Sleep Death 204 Elder Druid
3. Kninght Hexana 263 Elite Knight
4. Quemtemcu Temmedo 252 Elite Knight
5. Psicolegend 294 Master Sorcerer
6. Pala Hexana 305 Royal Paladin

Number of Members in Guild:20
Number of online Members in Guild:0
Average level in Guild:314
Highest level in Guild: Paramaxzord Birekinha [622]
Lowest level in Guild: Tyrell [146]

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