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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexana 8.6

Guild - Underestimated

The guild was found on Hexana on February 03 2014.
It is led by Skinte Danne.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Leader Wicked One 1007 Elder Druid
Rotiv 928 Elder Druid
Skinte Danne 1090 Royal Paladin
Novice Ochamy (illuminati) 916 Royal Paladin
Drilla 759 Royal Paladin
Goom Dzabbar 1106 Elder Druid
Rotten Princess 802 Elder Druid
Paul The 'Buttlover (Adíos Hexana) 958 Master Sorcerer
Vitruvius (Who am I) 900 Master Sorcerer
Member Malossovsky 1000 Master Sorcerer
Resistanse 831 Master Sorcerer
Dr'Jackal 661 Elder Druid
Lord'Thant 655 Royal Paladin
Miss Kinkywinky 40 Master Sorcerer
Pyrlotechnic 729 Elite Knight
Bohdan Jebievdenko 710 Master Sorcerer
Sorcerino Turlam Pyzy 748 Master Sorcerer
Hazze 817 Master Sorcerer
Narukami 647 Master Sorcerer
Mr Blackstein 843 Master Sorcerer
Ivaj 912 Master Sorcerer
Zipp Night Guard 1059 Master Sorcerer
Broken Elementalist 734 Master Sorcerer
Seven 752 Master Sorcerer
Quaze (Bratwurst) 767 Master Sorcerer
Galen Trollkarl 761 Master Sorcerer
Kricke Master 658 Master Sorcerer
Dr Zippp 873 Master Sorcerer
Tuitshop (No Bro No Bro) 765 Master Sorcerer
Jamok 800 Master Sorcerer
Mr'Bipolar Aka Heheczki 760 Master Sorcerer
Straight Merked 801 Master Sorcerer
Zippp 1276 Master Sorcerer
Allibaba 727 Master Sorcerer
Idc At All 815 Master Sorcerer
Verisox 862 Master Sorcerer
Beautiful Beast 891 Master Sorcerer
Healerino Zipp 927 Elder Druid
Achtung Ddos'Here 773 Elder Druid
Killahkeezy 798 Elder Druid
Abel Risen 766 Elder Druid
Jeeves 812 Elder Druid
Professor Oak 1100 Elder Druid
Dj Pig 773 Elder Druid
Titufin 550 Elder Druid
Dj Donner 753 Elder Druid
Etnelav 759 Elder Druid
Tankerino Dreaken 1084 Elite Knight
Arch Spectral Sentinel 654 Elite Knight
Blockarn 659 Elite Knight
Fonte-ryu 799 Elite Knight
Mefisto Maxpush 652 Elite Knight
Kaoz 936 Elite Knight
Shooterino Windwalker 1042 Royal Paladin
Van Sentar 722 Master Sorcerer
Seamen 843 Royal Paladin
Gluteus Maximus 801 Royal Paladin
Juicy 'Jay 696 Royal Paladin

Number of Members in Guild:58
Number of online Members in Guild:10
Average level in Guild:815
Highest level in Guild: Zippp [1276]
Lowest level in Guild: Miss Kinkywinky [40]
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