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19.10.2017 ~ Server patch

Dear community,
With today's patch, we have introduced the second gorgon sister (boss): Stheno.
To hunt it, 2 players are needed as well as a raid token each.
You must have revealed all engran secrets in order to enter to Stheno's hideout. In addition, the location of this gorgon sister is below number 6 in Engran.

Posted by team.

19.10.2017 ~ Fortumo & Boats

Dear players,
Fortumo now also finally accepts payments from Poland.
Also, players under level 300 will be able to use boats for free, starting tomorrow 7am.
Posted by team.

18.10.2017 ~ Passive and active MC

We would like to announce that from now on any use of mc in battle is counted as "pk with mc", therefore passive and active use will not be considered separately in your future bans.
Posted by team.

12.10.2017 ~ Jail system

Dear community,
We are happy to announce that source of the crash has been found and fixed once and for all.
Additionally, we have added a jail system for rulebreakers. However, heavy crimes such as MC PvP will still always be a bannable offence.
Posted by team.

23.09.2017 ~ Wrath of the Seven

Posted by team.