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05.11.2018 ~ Halloween contest winners

Here are the prizes and winners of the Halloween contest. Thanks to all participants and good luck next time to everyone. Winners please contact us in game (ctrl+r).

1st place: Outfit Doll, Stamina Doll, Nightmare Doll
2nd place: Outfit Doll, Stamina Doll
3rd place: Outfit Doll

Kefir Tequila
1st place

2nd place

Grand Father
3rd place

Posted by team.

31.10.2018 ~ Halloween

We would like to announce a new contest for the best Halloween screenshot from our server. We will choose 3 winners who will be awarded with secret prizes which will be announced along with the winners. The rules of this contest are very simple: 1. 1 screenshot per every 100+ level character. 2. No advance screenshots. 3. Spooky situation or decoration. 4. No visible bots. 5. Unedited in-game picture. 6. You can send us screenshots until 1st November 23:59 CET. 7. Send screenshots to 8. Winners will be announced during the weekend. Moreover we also advise you to be careful today as not every creature you will meet is going to be a human wearing a costume ;)
Posted by team.

26.05.2018 ~ ???

Posted by team.

03.04.2018 ~ Spring patch

Dear community,

With today's server save, the following changes were done on Hexana:
  • We have removed winter theme in Thais.
  • To balance sealed dimensions spawns, we have decided to add a few Burning Fighters in Infernum caves.
  • We have added a new location in Rookgaard.
  • We have added a new location in Ariamir.
  • Other map bugs reported by you were fixed.

Posted by team.

09.02.2018 ~ Server Patch

Dear community,

With tomorrows server save, the following changes will be live on Hexana:
- A few worker and war golems were added to Engran (number 8).
- We have removed camouflage bag from some monsters of Wrath of the Seven that we missed in a previous patch. They should all be bag-free now.
- We have fixed a door bugged in Ariamir's small village.
- We have implemented some small changes regarding two monsters from Wrath of the Seven:
- Evil Fury: changed ice attack to fire so it fits its enviroment (it belongs to fire seal, like the other monsters)
- Energy and Massive energy fighter: slightly adjusted their healing spell.
- We have added some missing medusae and serpent spawns beneath Talahu island (floor 12). It should be as in real Tibia now.
- We have now fully fixed the amount of monsters in Razachai walls. It should be 100% as in real Tibia now.
- We have fixed the location of the door that takes players to the medusa and serpent spawn beneath Talahu island.

Posted by team.