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11.11.2017 ~ House contest

We are presenting you screenshots from our contest with the winners. We would like to thank all participants and congratulate to the winners!

Novol (1st place - 3000 points)

Kubanoo (2nd place - 1500 points)

Ciepla Wodka (3rd place - 1000 points)

The' Alex Sorcerer
James Bong

Posted by team.

30.10.2017 ~ Trick or treat!

Knock knock, trick or treat? Tomorrow is 31st October which means Halloween is on Hexana and with it we have a few events.
We will be placing donator boxes at random places on the map with which you can get random items needed for addons/outfits including - Ferumbras Hat!
Mutated Pumpkin and other bosses After 18:00 CET we would like to invite you to northern Asylum where between 18:00 to 21:00 in 30 minutes intervals bosses will be spawning. Below you can check the list of bosses:
  • Mutated Pumkin
  • Concealed Excavator
  • Ghazbaran
    Posted by team.

    25.10.2017 ~ Best screenshot contest

    We would like to invite you to participate in our new contest for the best screenshot. We are not limiting your creativity, therefore you can send us any in-game screenshot from Hexana,
    which you consider interesting and deserves to win. If we receive enough amount of pictures, it will surely not be the last edition of this event. We are waiting for your screenshots
    until 8 November. Send your screenshots to:

    1st place - 3000 premium points
    2nd place - 1500 premium points
    3rd place - 1000 premium points

    - Picture musn't be modified
    - Character should be saying "greetings for".
    - We accept only 1 entry per character.
    - Character should have at least 200 level.

    Good luck!
    Posted by team.

    19.10.2017 ~ Fortumo & Boats

    Dear players,
    Fortumo now also finally accepts payments from Poland.
    Also, players under level 300 will be able to use boats for free, starting tomorrow 7am.
    Posted by team.

    19.10.2017 ~ Server patch

    Dear community,
    With today's patch, we have introduced the second gorgon sister (boss): Stheno.
    To hunt it, 2 players are needed as well as a raid token each.
    You must have revealed all engran secrets in order to enter to Stheno's hideout. In addition, the location of this gorgon sister is below number 6 in Engran.

    Posted by team.