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18.10.2017 ~ Passive and active MC

We would like to announce that from now on any use of mc in battle is counted as "pk with mc", therefore passive and active use will not be considered separately in your future bans.
Posted by team.

12.10.2017 ~ Jail system

Dear community,
We are happy to announce that source of the crash has been found and fixed once and for all.
Additionally, we have added a jail system for rulebreakers. However, heavy crimes such as MC PvP will still always be a bannable offence.
Posted by team.

23.09.2017 ~ Wrath of the Seven

Posted by team.

01.09.2017 ~ Autumn patch

Dear community,
As promised our next patch is here!

  • Portuguese & Spanish talk channels have been removed and Help channel has been introduced.
Shop system
  • We have added a new payment method called Fortumo that is world-wide and provides more premium points than Paygol used to.
  • Ability to sell characters
  • You can now sell one of your characters for premium points. You will receive 80% of the final bid that other players placed on your character in premium points. Adding a character to auctions is completely free of charge, only requirement is that it's above level 600 and it is added to auctions within 4 days and you may cancel it within this time. You will receive 80% of the final bid that other players placed on your character in premium points. You can sell your character at your account page next to the edit/delete button.
  • Map update:
  • Added two new spawns: one of them is located in Asylum and the other one in Ariamir.

  • Posted by team.

    24.08.2017 ~ Server Patch

    Dear Community,

    The following updates are now live on Hexana:
    • A whole new place was added with today's update: Isle of Justice. This new place contains 4 exclusive spawns that will help newcomers on their journey in Hexana. Isle of Justice is accesible from Thais and Asylum temple.
    • Adjusted Lesser Drake's spawn as well as its monster.
    • Replaced Drake Lord Hatchlings with Lesser Drake Hatchlings in Lesser Drake's spawn (lord ones were way stronger).
    • Added a few Lesser Drake Hatchlings in the way to the spawn.
    • A minotaurs tribe has arrived south-west of Rookgaard.
    • Some minor map bugs.

    Next patch will air in 1 week.
    Posted by team.