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08.03.2016 ~ Technical break

On Thursday morning (10.03.2016) we are moving Hexana server to a new location. Server will not be available since 6:00 to 9:00 CET. Thanks to that we will be able to deal with all connection problems & masskicks which were happening lately on Hexana.

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03.03.2016 ~ Technical break

Tomorrow morning (04.03.16) our server will be unavailable from 3:00 CET to 8:00 CET due to technical break. We are sorry for inconvenience.

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23.01.2016 ~ Update

- We have added bonus exp in party. Standard exp rate is increased by 20%. For various vocations in a party there is even more experience: +10% for 2 vocations, +30% for 3 vocations and +40% for 4 vocations.
- We have added information about the number of guild members to character info (e.g. You see Xeda Azio (Level 739). He is a royal paladin. He is Novice of the Underestimated, which has 56 members, 9 of them online).
- We have added informations about a number of party members of a player and invited players to party.
- We have added more precise information about item duration (previously it was showing only minutes, now also seconds).
- We have removed possibility of blocking creatures on xlog. Creatures ignore such player now.
- We have fixed AOL with blessings (AOL was always disappearing upon death).
- Cast list after logging in with 1/1 is now sorted by the number of viewers of casts.

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22.01.2016 ~ Screens #138

Here's another portion of advances sent to

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12.01.2016 ~ Server update

Today we have introduced several engine changes which should improve gameplay on Hexana.

- Attacking your guild members doesn't give you pz lock.
- We have added a message limit in order to eliminate spam in private messages.
- We have changed protection system. Thanks to this it's possible to be immune to damage (e.g. fire from walking on fire fields).
- We have fixed trading between players. It's not possible to trade through a wall when players can't reach each other (e.g. through window).
- We have fixed a bug with voids which in some cases was making it possible to walk on them.
- We have optimized the server settings thanks to which the server should be running faster now.

Posted by team.