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24.07.2017 ~ New patch

With today's patch, the following changes were done in Hexana:
- Adjusted the monsters from sealed dimensions (elemental protections, immunity, loot and damage) because some of them were a bit overpowered
- Fixed lots of map bugs thanks to your reports since the last update
- Added missing stairs in Vandura mountain (Liberty Bay)
- A new quest has been added to Rookgaard for players of level 100 or higher
- A new spawn has beeen added in Ariamir below number 8
- A few minor map bug fixes
- Slightly increased Euryale's hp
- Slighty increased Euryale's minimum damage dealt (melee + spells)
- Slighty increased the normal loot from Euryale (potions, emeralds, terra amulets) expect for the unique items
- Added a sign in the entrance of Euryale's room to remind players not to block off the room: it may lead to a punishment
- Expanded the fury spawn (number 8)
- Expanded the hydra spawn (number 3)
- Fixed a bug on Elimdar's bank: Attina is now reachable
- Slightly revamped the environment on Engran Medusae spawn (number 6)
- Fixed one of the newest spawn in Rookgard: it was not accesible due to a bug
- Fixed Euryale's voice
- A new boss has been added in Arcton: Euryale. This boss is unique and different to the rest of the bosses from Hexana because it only requires 2 players (you will also need raid token in order to access to it)

Have fun playing!

Posted by team.

19.07.2017 ~ Forum Announcement

Dear community,
We proudly present our very own made Forum we've been working on for the past 6 days!
We've added a Reddit-type feature system with upvotes and downvotes so the stronger your opinions are allied, the more visible it will become!
We have also added a notification system so you can easily keep track of your posts, detailed customizable profiles, a private messaging system (new fast way to contact staff members!), follow system, plenty of subforums along with some new minor features.

Activity contest:
The top 3 most active players on the forum will receive 1000 points each and the top 10 most active players on the forum will receive 500 points. on 27th of July.
RoHaN-OTs games have been bugged for some people who needed to use a VPN in order to play games - This issue is now resolved!
Get in there and start earning them points!
Quick guide - Create Link your RoHaN-OTs account to Server!

Posted by team.

13.07.2017 ~ Latest patch notes

Dear community,
A big patch has just been made on Hexana!
List of map updates
Recovery keys now has 3 day delay and costs 100 points
Blessings no longer show up on default chat
We have also added RoHaN-OTs to Hexana now so you can play games daily in order to win free premium points at:

Rookgaard changes
People who e-mailed us regarding rookgaard suggestions - your voice has been heard.
We have introduced 4 new spawns along with 1 new quest to rookgaard, yet more to come! Do you have what it takes to win?

Posted by team.

09.04.2017 ~ Regarding upcoming updates & changes

Dear community,
Some of the following updates are now live on the server, and some are upcoming in the next few weeks.
  • Loot changes to Phaser, Infestor, and Nagaroth - LIVE
  • PvP protection limit increased to level 99 - LIVE
  • Shop price reduction on Stamina dolls, Soft boots & Donator backpack - LIVE
  • Gameguard EXP bonus fix - LIVE
  • Paladin buffs to improve their survivability - LIVE
  • EXP Stages tweaks - LIVE
  • Website visual upgrade, performance & features - LIVE
  • MC PvP slight rule change - All characters involved now get punished - LIVE
  • 1 new payment method ( -
  • Huge map revamp/update -
  • 3 new massive events and 2 mini-games -

  • Posted by team.

    09.03.2017 ~ Long live The King! Long live Hexana!

    The time has come for us to say "good bye". After 7 years of working on Hexana and every day effort of keeping the sail smooth, we've unanimously decided to end our journey here. We didn't want to let the server die, but we knew that we were not able to give it the attention it deserves. This is the reasoning behind this decision.

    We are handing off the server to the one true 8.6 server expert, Rohan, from We believe that his their fresh views will continue expanding Hexana, make it even better, and bring in more players.

    We want to thank our players and our fans for the trust you've been giving us past years. Our senior tutors which were on the first line of contact, doing incredible job of making our life easier and more focused towards game improvements. Hexana had its ups and downs, and will always have a special place in our hearts.

    Meanwhile, Rohan is going to take it from now on. No character restart or wipe is going to take place. We've been promised that the old spirit of Hexana will continue to live on. Furthermore, Hexana will get big updates and changes very soon. We ask you all to have trust and confidence in the new server team. We know that they will work hard to keep the game better and bring it back to the old glory!

    Thank you again. Signing off~

    List of upcoming changes, directly from Rohan:
    - 2 new quests + entirely new, rebuilt, Thais!
    - Loot changes to Phaser, Infestor, and Nagaroth.
    - PVP limit will be increased (to help new players), changes in exp stages.
    - Paladin tweaks to improve their survivability.
    - Various bug fixes reported by players.

    Posted by team.