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09.03.2017 ~ Long live The King! Long live Hexana!

The time has come for us to say "good bye". After 7 years of working on Hexana and every day effort of keeping the sail smooth, we've unanimously decided to end our journey here. We didn't want to let the server die, but we knew that we were not able to give it the attention it deserves. This is the reasoning behind this decision.

We are handing off the server to the one true 8.6 server expert, Rohan, from We believe that his their fresh views will continue expanding Hexana, make it even better, and bring in more players.

We want to thank our players and our fans for the trust you've been giving us past years. Our senior tutors which were on the first line of contact, doing incredible job of making our life easier and more focused towards game improvements. Hexana had its ups and downs, and will always have a special place in our hearts.

Meanwhile, Rohan is going to take it from now on. No character restart or wipe is going to take place. We've been promised that the old spirit of Hexana will continue to live on. Furthermore, Hexana will get big updates and changes very soon. We ask you all to have trust and confidence in the new server team. We know that they will work hard to keep the game better and bring it back to the old glory!

Thank you again. Signing off~

List of upcoming changes, directly from Rohan:
- 2 new quests + entirely new, rebuilt, Thais!
- Loot changes to Phaser, Infestor, and Nagaroth.
- PVP limit will be increased (to help new players), changes in exp stages.
- Paladin tweaks to improve their survivability.
- Various bug fixes reported by players.

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22.12.2016 ~ Happy Holidays!

Snowmen - find them all!
We would like to invite you to participate in a holiday event on Hexana! We hid 30 snowmen on real Tibia map (they can't be found on our custom islands). Become one of the first 7 players who find all of them and receive a unique prize!

Santa Claus Quest
This winter Santa is very busy and needs your help! Go to Sammy on Mora island who is organizing the present delivery! Help Sammy and Santa and you will surely be rewarded with a special present from Santa!
P.S. Have you visted the new area south from Asylum?

Santa's helpers
I most of the towns you can find Santa's Helpers who are waiting for you with a present! Some lucky players will receive a really special and unique present!

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05.08.2016 ~ 6 years anniversary! Server update!

Exactly 6 years ago we have launched Hexana. We would have never expected after the start that after 6 years the server will still be online and popular! Despite our less involvement in the server, there are still a lot of hardcore players - Hexana fans! Thank you for staying with us! For 6th anniversary we have prepared something special! Read the changlog below.

Game world
- We have added a new quest - Pits of Agony. [*]
- We have changed the way merchants work - they received a special option of buying items from players! Find out more on updated page: merchants.

- We have tripled the chance of finding items in reward box after killing Phaser (to 20%). We have also increased maximum number of bonuses in items and the chance of finding an item with more bonuses. We have removed Eagle Shield from the box. From now on you can get the following items after killing Phaser: Hellforged Axe, Magic Plate Armor, Winged Helmet.
- We have decreased the chance (to 15%) of getting items from Dracula. Additionally we have decreased maximum number of bonuses in items from Dracula and decreased the chance of getting items with more bonuses.
- We have increased the chance (to 60%, +15pp) of getting items from Lucifer. Additionally we have increased the chance of getting items with more bonuses.
- We have added new bosses on Hexana with interesting loot (Pits of Agony)

Minor changes
- We have changed stair-hopping. Now stair-hopping doesn't trigger 2 second exhaust in PVP (this applies to melee and single-target runes/spells, AOE spells still have 2s delay).
- We have removed possibility of selling used items (e.g. rings/amulets).
- We have fixed a bug with dying while the castle event ends or Emperium is destroyed.
- We have fixed a bug making it possible to get white skull in depo.
- We have changed how stamina decreases (it was messed-up a bit, now it's the same as 8.6 RL).
- Standing in PZ regenerates stamina the same way as being offline.
- We have fixed a bug with Koshei's Quest (using an amulet wasn't destroying it).
- We have fixed a bug with Desert Quest (required items weren't needed for getting teleported to reward room).
- We have fixed slow NPCs (they were replying and walking slowly): Hoggle, Iskan, Nilsor, Tarak.
- We have fixed a bug with Carnivore Achievement: from now on only meat is counted for this achievement.
- We have fixed a bug with Socialite Achievement: it was possible to get it without logging in everyday for 21 days.
- Enchanting stones costs 2 soul points now.
- We have fixed a dish: Coconut Shrimp. It wasn't adding proper buff.
- We have fixed changing Terran Rainbow Shield and Sparking Rainbow Shield to normal Rainbow Shield.
- We have fixed NPCs in factions - quitting a faction should be easier for someone who doesn't know how to do it.
- We have increased prices of teleports in castles.
- We have added ability to destroy furniture to crowbar/sickle.
- We have fixed counting Mutated Bats, Nightmare Scions in Grizzly Adams' Tasks.
- NPC Brodrosch, Gurbasch, Pemaret received KICK command on their ships.

[*] These changes will be introduced today after server save around 20:00.

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08.03.2016 ~ Technical break

On Thursday morning (10.03.2016) we are moving Hexana server to a new location. Server will not be available since 6:00 to 9:00 CET. Thanks to that we will be able to deal with all connection problems & masskicks which were happening lately on Hexana.

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03.03.2016 ~ Technical break

Tomorrow morning (04.03.16) our server will be unavailable from 3:00 CET to 8:00 CET due to technical break. We are sorry for inconvenience.

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