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22.01.2016 ~ Screens #138

Here's another portion of advances sent to

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12.01.2016 ~ Server update

Today we have introduced several engine changes which should improve gameplay on Hexana.

- Attacking your guild members doesn't give you pz lock.
- We have added a message limit in order to eliminate spam in private messages.
- We have changed protection system. Thanks to this it's possible to be immune to damage (e.g. fire from walking on fire fields).
- We have fixed trading between players. It's not possible to trade through a wall when players can't reach each other (e.g. through window).
- We have fixed a bug with voids which in some cases was making it possible to walk on them.
- We have optimized the server settings thanks to which the server should be running faster now.

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08.01.2016 ~ Server update

Over the last couple of weeks we have been updating Hexana without noticing it on our page. Below you can see a CHANGELOG of the updates:
- We have added possibility of obtaining full Amazon Set during Femor Hills/Thais raids.
- We have added boss points to Grizzly Adams.
- We have decreased minimum delay time between eating dishes from Djinn from 15 to 10 minutes.
- Pot of Blackjack can now be eaten 4 times before it disappears.
- We have fixed logging to the game on water (previously the character was standing on the water instead of swimming in it).
- We have reduced playing dice in town depos. Now the only town where you can play dice is Liberty Bay.
- We have removed possibility of using Custom Bags during MTB.
- We have added Treasure Island.
- We have fixed document forging in Dreamer's Quest (they can be forged with levers).

Minor changes (according to RL):
- We have fixed entrance to Fahim The Wise.
- Captain Max buys Helmet of the Deep ;-)
- Infernal Bolt's required level has been increased from 70lvl to 110lvl.
- We heve fixed Young Sea Serpent's corpse and typos in Barbarian and Overcharged Energy Elemental corpses.
- Rabaz opens a door next to him during "An Interest in Botany Quest".

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07.01.2016 ~ Snomen contest - results

Only 5 players managed to find enough snowmen to recieve a prize. Below you can find the winners:
Skruf - 28 snowmen
Xeda Azio - 27 snowmen
Wicked One - 27 snowmen
Rotiv - 27 snowmen
Dr Zipp - 16 snowmen

Winners receive:
- Golden Falcon
- Stamina Doll
- 30x Vip Coin
- 5x Raid Token


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31.12.2015 ~ Happy new year!

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