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12.01.2016 ~ Server update

Today we have introduced several engine changes which should improve gameplay on Hexana.

- Attacking your guild members doesn't give you pz lock.
- We have added a message limit in order to eliminate spam in private messages.
- We have changed protection system. Thanks to this it's possible to be immune to damage (e.g. fire from walking on fire fields).
- We have fixed trading between players. It's not possible to trade through a wall when players can't reach each other (e.g. through window).
- We have fixed a bug with voids which in some cases was making it possible to walk on them.
- We have optimized the server settings thanks to which the server should be running faster now.

Posted by team.

08.01.2016 ~ Server update

Over the last couple of weeks we have been updating Hexana without noticing it on our page. Below you can see a CHANGELOG of the updates:
- We have added possibility of obtaining full Amazon Set during Femor Hills/Thais raids.
- We have added boss points to Grizzly Adams.
- We have decreased minimum delay time between eating dishes from Djinn from 15 to 10 minutes.
- Pot of Blackjack can now be eaten 4 times before it disappears.
- We have fixed logging to the game on water (previously the character was standing on the water instead of swimming in it).
- We have reduced playing dice in town depos. Now the only town where you can play dice is Liberty Bay.
- We have removed possibility of using Custom Bags during MTB.
- We have added Treasure Island.
- We have fixed document forging in Dreamer's Quest (they can be forged with levers).

Minor changes (according to RL):
- We have fixed entrance to Fahim The Wise.
- Captain Max buys Helmet of the Deep ;-)
- Infernal Bolt's required level has been increased from 70lvl to 110lvl.
- We heve fixed Young Sea Serpent's corpse and typos in Barbarian and Overcharged Energy Elemental corpses.
- Rabaz opens a door next to him during "An Interest in Botany Quest".

Posted by team.

07.01.2016 ~ Snomen contest - results

Only 5 players managed to find enough snowmen to recieve a prize. Below you can find the winners:
Skruf - 28 snowmen
Xeda Azio - 27 snowmen
Wicked One - 27 snowmen
Rotiv - 27 snowmen
Dr Zipp - 16 snowmen

Winners receive:
- Golden Falcon
- Stamina Doll
- 30x Vip Coin
- 5x Raid Token


Posted by team.

31.12.2015 ~ Happy new year!

Posted by team.

31.12.2015 ~ Snowmen contest

We would like to invite you to participate in snowmen contest which will end tomorrow after server save. Seven players who find at least 15 snowmen quickest will receive a prize. There is still a chance of winning therefore we decided to inform you about this fact. Good luck.

Posted by team.