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31.12.2015 ~ Happy new year!

Posted by team.

31.12.2015 ~ Snowmen contest

We would like to invite you to participate in snowmen contest which will end tomorrow after server save. Seven players who find at least 15 snowmen quickest will receive a prize. There is still a chance of winning therefore we decided to inform you about this fact. Good luck.

Posted by team.

30.12.2015 ~ Holiday contest results

We are presenting you the winning screenshots from our holiday contest. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating in the contest and the voting.

Posted by team.

29.12.2015 ~ Screenshot Event - voting

Ho ho ho! It's time to choose our winners in Holiday Screenshot Contest! We have already chosen 11 best screenshots and gave them from 1 to 11 points (11 best, 1 - worst). Now it's your turn to vote on the best screenshot on our polls page here! The screenshot which will get the most of your votes will receive 11 points, the second one 10 and so on. The screenshot which gets the lowest number of your votes will get only 1 points. On Wednesday, 14:00 CET we will sum the points from gamemasters and players and choose the winners!

We end the voting on Wednesday, 12:00! Hurry up and vote for the best holiday screenshot here!

The list of selected screenshots is available in polls section or here!

In case of the draw, the winning screenshot is the one who gets more player votes. If screenshots gets the same number of player votes, the winning one is the one who gets more points from administration.

Posted by team.

23.12.2015 ~ Holiday events!

Snowmen - find them all!
We would like to invite you to participate in a holiday event on Hexana! We hid 30 snowmen on real Tibia map (they can't be found on our custom islands). Become one of the first 7 players who find all of them and unlock a unique item!

Santa Claus Quest
This winter Santa is very busy and needs your help! Go to Sammy on Mora island who is organizing the present delivery! Help Sammy and Santa and you will surely be rewarded with a special present from Santa!
P.S. Have you visted the new area south from asylum?

Santa's helpers
I most of the towns you can find Santa's Helpers who are waiting for you with a present! Some lucky players will receive a really special and unique present!

Screens - holiday edition
We would like to invite you to a contest for the best holiday screenshot! Among pictures sent to our e-mail address ( we will be choosing 15 screenshots, from which you will choose the best 3 ones! The winners will receive a unique item! We are waiting for your screens until 28 December 16:00 CET! The voting will start the next day. We will post more details about this contest on 29 December!

Posted by team.