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23.10.2015 ~ Screens #136

- From now on featured screenshots will be awarded with additional 30 Vip coins. We will be posting new editions every week unless we don't receive enough of the screenshots.

Here's another portion of advances sent to

Nagazak - 700lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets a prize!)

Evul Jack - 350lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets a prize!)

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07.08.2015 ~ ??? 3/5

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06.08.2015 ~ ??? 2/5


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05.08.2015 ~ ??? 1/5


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16.05.2015 ~ Update

- We have added 14 achievements on Hexana! Some of them have already appeared on your characters!
- We have fixed sorting/filtering highscores. Additionaly we have fixed filtering characters on Rookgaard
- We have added possibility of declaring a war with frag limit. New commands can be found here.
- We have added cast descriptions. You can set it using %cast description_of_cast command.
- We have added possibility of changing Yalaharian addons and Brotherhood outfits at NPC Waclav Addoner.
- We have fixed a bug with 2nd mission of In Service of Yalahar which in some cases didn't allow players to pass gates.
- We have removed possibility of blocking depo with NPC Towncryer.
- We have blocked possibility of playing dice in Thais/Asylum.
- Changes in Inquisition Quest - now you have to touch at least 1 POI throne to be able to use teleport to INQ bosses.
- We have fixed the problem with Yalahar achievement.

Changes in task system.
We have introduced a fix on the server related to tasks for players below 130 level. We have updated the list of available tasks according to RL. Below is the changelog.

We have added the following tasks:
Levels 8-49:
- Badgers Task
- Gnarlhound Task
- Terramite Task
- Apes Task
- Thornback Tortoises Task
- Gargoyles Task

Levels 50-79:
- Wyverns Task
- Lancer Beetle Task
- Wailing Widow Task
- Killer Caiman Task
- Bonebeast Task
- Mutated Tiger Task

Levels 80-129:
- Werewolves Task
- Nightmares Task
- Hellspawns Task
- Lizards Task
- Mutated Bats Task

Because of the change there are new bosses avaialable on Hexana:
- Deathbine
- Ribstride
- Hemming
- Tormentor
- Flameborn
- Fazzrah
- Sulphur Scuttler
- Bruise Payne

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