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25.04.2015 ~ Server maintanance

There is a server maintanance which will last approximately until 8:00 am. We lower the database weight and speed up the server ;-)

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03.04.2015 ~ Deletion of inactive accounts and guilds

It is time when Hexana's database has grown too much and we must clean it a bit. On 17th April we will delete inactive accounts and characters on Hexana.

What accounts will be deleted?
- Empty accounts without any characters

What characters will be deleted?
- Chracters which haven't been online since 2 years and have level below 100.
- Chracters which haven't been online since 1 year and have level below 50.

At the moment we have almost 410000 characters and 285000 accounts. Thanks to this operation we will make the database smaller by 100000 inactive abandoned characters.
If you have ever wondered how many active players are on Hexana we will reveal this secret. Over the last week we had 7134 unique players!

Below you can see a new edition of advances on Hexana.

Here's another portion of advances sent to

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01.04.2015 ~ Server update

Game world:
- We've fixed Claw of the Noxious (it wasn't working at all earlier).
- We've rewritten In Service of Yalahar quest and fixed all bugs/lock ups which you could experience while doing that quest. We've also added a questlog!
- We've added Isle of Strife. You can visit it by talking to NPC Zurak.
- We've increased the damage of following spells: divine caldera, ethereal spear, holy missile. The current damage is 100% like in real tibia.
- We've fixed energy/poison/fire field runes - they weren't working when casted on a player.
- We've fixed Necro Task (NPC Lugri).
- We've changed needed items for Shaman Outfit.
- We've increased the time to loot Infestor and Phaser (from 20 to 40 seconds).
- We have added a quest box on Lone Medusa Quest.
- We've fixed several typos in item names/descriptions.
- We have fixed one of the rewards in Desert Quest (Blessed Ankh -> Ankh)
- We've fixed elves boss - Dharalion. Sometimes he was spawning behind the magicwalls.
- We've added a Dragon Raid on Zao.
- We've fixed a bug preventing players from buying items with backpacks from NPCs.

Other stuff:
- We've added %mute nick command which allows casters to mute spectators while casting.
- Players who xlogged while casting will have their cast turned off. Due that change we will no longer have players training on training monks on the list of available casts.
- We've decreased by 50% a price of renting and buying houses on Rookgaard.
- We've added ability to set up message of the day for guild owners. The message will be shown to all guild members upon loggin in to the game world.
- Guild channel will be automatically opened after logging in to the game world.
- We've limited ability to speak on Polish/English channel. From now on only people above 50 level or with verified accounts are allowed to speak on those channels.
- Changes in Quiz! Only people with Game Guard are allowed to open the Quiz Channel.

- Ghastly Dragon is finally like on real tibia. He missed several attacks - also the most important one - Curse.
- Banshee (lowered healing ratio).

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08.03.2015 ~ Screens #133

We would like to reactivate weekly editions of advances therefore we are asking you for sending your advances to our address provided below.
Here's another portion of advances sent to

Tyson Ii - 650lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets a prize!)

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05.02.2015 ~ Update

- We have fixed a bug on our website regarding guilds managing. Leader of the guild who weren't the owner of the guild had no permission to edit ranks of other players. We have also improved the user interface in guilds section.
- Changes to Lucifer - he is now immune to paralyze, he also spawns 3 dazzlers instead of 2 at once. We have also ahcnged the maximum number of spawned Dazzlers from 10 to 9. Additionally dazzlers will change their target less frequently.
- We have added a new section on our website with cast statistics.

Posted by team.