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24.01.2015 ~ Tasks & New lord on Ariamir

Today we have updated Tasks on the server. We have made lots of changes with tasks, questlog and Grizzly Adams.
Additionally Ariamir has a new location with new riddles and a boss with unique loot!

Below you can read about changes with tasks:
- We have increased the maximum number of active tasks from 1 to 3
- We have added 6 new tasks (with questlog) with: Drakens, Destroyers, Undead Dragons, Hellhounds, Ghastly Dragons, Medusae
- With 6 new tasks we have added 6 new bosses who can be accessed after completing cerain tasks
- Grizzly Adams will inform you during a conversation when you can advance to a higher rank in Paw and Fur Society
- We have increased point requirements for ranks in Paw and Fur Society (to reach the highest rank you need 100 points)
- Characters with 130 level and above will be receiveing additional points during tasks if their total number of points is below 70
- We have fixed questlog

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10.01.2015 ~ Mega update

- We have added crash protection. Despite the fact crashes occur rarely on Hexana (2 times last year) we have added a protection thanks to which in case it happens players won't lose anything. Previously we were only able to retrieve lost levels and skills.
- We have added an option of sorting best players by vocation. It is now possible to check e.g. which knight has the highest magic level.
- We have added new items to a shop - runes which add 100 or 500 points.
- We have changed creature attacks - now they don't hurt themselves.
- We have changed Desintegrate rune. Now it works like on real and removes all items from a stack except for human corpses.
- We have fixed Blessed Wooden Stake (it was possible to get it without visitng all blessers).
- We have fixed Shiny Stone (now using a pick will only shatter one stone instead of whole stack).
- We have fixed teleport to Yalahar Demons (previously it required a specific soil instead of one of 4).
- We have changed level requirements for: Executioner, Arbalest.

Changes in lord system:
- We have increased a chance of getting items from reward boxes after killing Lucifer by 50% and also increased the chance of getting items with more bonuses.
- We have increased a chance of getting items from reward boxes after killing Phaser by 30% and also increased the chance of getting items with more bonuses.
- We have changed Lucifer's attacks - he now has a new attack and the current ones were weakened. We also changed the maximum number of dazzlers on the map.
- We have changed generating items with bonuses with protection from Lucifer. From now on it won't be possible to get an items which had protection from three different types of attack - instead received item will have protection from only one type of attack but higher. Reward box at Phaser will stay the same.
- Because of increasing item drop from Phaser we have decided to increase his attack power by a bit.

Monster changes (according to RL Tibia):
- Massive Water Elemental (fixed attacks and added loot)
- War Golem (protection from death decreased from 75% to 25%).
- Deathbringer (added 100% protection from fire).
- Killer Caiman (decreased attack power and updated loot).
- Dwarf Soldier (doesn't run on low hp anymore).
- Dark Apprentice, Dark Magician, Mad Scientist (decreased attack rate).
- Spectre (updated attacks - higher poison power and changes in healing).
- Enlightened of the Cult (updated attacks, added poison, decreased invisibility time).
- Massive Water Elemental (fixed attacks, added poison).
- Barbarian Headsplitter (fixed attacks)
- Mutated Bat (fixed attacks, added curse condition)
- Diabolic Imp, Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Lizard High Guard (lowered healing power)
- Braindeath, Demon Skeleton, Orc Rider (speed change)
- Lizard Chosen (it's not possible to paralyze him anymore)
- Quara Pincher, Quara Hydromancer (decreased paralyze power)
- Charged Energy Elemental, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Muddy Earth Elemental, Blazing Fire Elemental, Blistering Fire Elemental (they can see invisible players now)

NPC changes:
- NPC Tesha - added possibility of selling golden figurine
- NPC Ezean - added possibility of buing parcels

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31.12.2014 ~ Happy New Year!

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28.12.2014 ~ Event results

Here are the Snowman Event results. 642 players participated in the event but only 12 of them found all 30 snowmans! Congratulations!

1) Rotiv 25/12/2014 18:18
2) Aristoteles 25/12/2014 18:49
3) De Kleine Krokodil 25/12/2014 18:49
4) Polhan Here 25/12/2014 22:58
5) Dat Ore Style 26/12/2014 01:02

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24.12.2014 ~ Merry Christmas

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