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23.12.2017 ~ Winter patch 2

Dear community,

With today's server save, the following changes were done in Hexana:
- Winter has arrived to Thais!
- Three new spawns were added in the following cities: Arcton, Vesuvia and Edalia.
- We have fixed the stairs in Vandura's mountain. Previously, it was not possible to go downstairs.
- We have fixed the bug in one of the Ariamir's new spawn that allowed players to log in using normal client. Remember that bug abusing is against the rules and you may get punished if you abuse of a critical bug.
- We have fixed the door entrance to Wrath of the Seven quest. The entrance is now protection zone.
- We have removed camouflage bag from all Wrath of the Seven monsters.
- We have fixed the loot from old reaper as it was dropping "some cracks" instead of "death ring".
- Other map bugs reported by you were fixed.

Posted by team.