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09.02.2018 ~ Server Patch

Dear community,

With tomorrows server save, the following changes will be live on Hexana:
- A few worker and war golems were added to Engran (number 8).
- We have removed camouflage bag from some monsters of Wrath of the Seven that we missed in a previous patch. They should all be bag-free now.
- We have fixed a door bugged in Ariamir's small village.
- We have implemented some small changes regarding two monsters from Wrath of the Seven:
- Evil Fury: changed ice attack to fire so it fits its enviroment (it belongs to fire seal, like the other monsters)
- Energy and Massive energy fighter: slightly adjusted their healing spell.
- We have added some missing medusae and serpent spawns beneath Talahu island (floor 12). It should be as in real Tibia now.
- We have now fully fixed the amount of monsters in Razachai walls. It should be 100% as in real Tibia now.
- We have fixed the location of the door that takes players to the medusa and serpent spawn beneath Talahu island.

Posted by team.