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Generic info

Name:Adam Josiane
Country: Senegal
Created:22.09.2012 14:22:57
Last login:17.01.2019 11:32:08
Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Guild nick:(none)
House:Vesuvia 19
Comment:we came we saw we conquered


Player quests done (all) 37.74%
Player main quests done 42.11%
Other quests done 6.78%
Engran secrets revealed 19 / 31

Dreamer's Challange rank Death Dealer
Faction rank Recruit of Head Hunters
Postman rank No rank
Annihilator Finished
Greenhorn Arena Finished
Scrapper Arena Finished
Warlord Arena Finished
Banshee Quest Unfinished
Behemoth Quest Unfinished
Black Knight Quest Unfinished
Bright Sword Quest Unfinished
Crystal Wand Quest Unfinished
Deeper Fibula Quest Unfinished
Demon Helmet Quest Finished
Demon Oak Quest Unfinished
Desert Quest Unfinished
Double Hero Quest Unfinished
Dreamer's Challenge Unfinished
Dwarf Hell Quest Unfinished
Dwarven Armor Quest Finished
Elemental Spheres Quest Unfinished
Fire Axe Quest Unfinished
Firewalker Boots Quest Finished
Geomancer Quest Unfinished
Inquisition Quest Finished
In search of truth (Heliar Quest) Unfinished
In Service Of Yalahar Finished
Koshei The Deathless Quest Unfinished
Mad Mage Quest Unfinished
Naginata Quest Unfinished
Necromancer Quest Unfinished
Noble Armor Quest Unfinished
Orc Fortress Quest Unfinished
Pandemonium Quest Unfinished
Paradox Tower Unfinished
Postman Quest Unfinished
Royal Rescue Finished
Sea of Light Quest Unfinished
Shadowthorn Unfinished
Vesuvia Quest Unfinished
The Pits of Inferno Finished
Vampire Shield Quest Finished
Wrath of the Emperor Finished
Wrath of the Seven Unfinished

Player skills

MagicLevel 128312649205 Mana Spent
FistLevel 1033 Experience
ClubLevel 100 Experience
SwordLevel 275910581 Experience
AxeLevel 2026307 Experience
DistanceLevel 199096 Experience
ShieldingLevel 32610448 Experience
FishingLevel 100 Experience

Last Experience

Date Experience Real Experience
17.01 00:00 -20,743,386 exp. -20,743,386 rexp.
16.01 00:00 24,951,051 exp. 8,317,017 rexp.
15.01 00:00 36,633,519 exp. 12,211,173 rexp.
rexp - it shows experience unmultiplied by exp rate (it is like killing monsters with 1x multiplier)

Player deaths

Date At level Killed by
16.01.2019 10:05:37 784 Medusa, Souleater, Souleater, serpent spawn, hydra, Medusa, serpent spawn, eternal guardian, Medusa.
09.01.2019 11:16:12 777 Latam Na Mefedronie, Porobiony Alkoholem, Ayajdyaski, Wannabe Wilku, Meradi'Th.
09.01.2019 11:11:17 779 Porobiony Alkoholem, Ayajdyaski, Elderos Numiz, Latam Na Mefedronie, Meradi'Th, Wannabe Wilku.
09.01.2019 10:28:43 780 Medusa, eternal guardian, eternal guardian, hydra, eternal guardian, eternal guardian, eternal guardian, eternal guardian, Medusa, hydra.
06.01.2019 07:03:57 777 dark torturer, lost soul, lost soul, dark torturer, dark torturer, lost soul, lost soul, dark torturer, banshee, lost soul.
24.11.2018 06:07:34 771 hydra, Medusa, Medusa, hydra, Medusa, eternal guardian, eternal guardian.
17.11.2018 04:29:00 769 eternal guardian, Souleater, Souleater, Medusa, Medusa, eternal guardian, Souleater, Souleater, Souleater, eternal guardian.
16.11.2018 12:17:27 770 Medusa, Souleater.
13.11.2018 03:50:11 765 blightwalker, Plaguesmith, Plaguesmith, Plaguesmith, defiler, Plaguesmith, Plaguesmith, blightwalker, defiler, son of verminor.
13.11.2018 02:15:53 766 blightwalker, Plaguesmith, blightwalker, blightwalker, Plaguesmith, Plaguesmith, Plaguesmith, son of verminor.

Player frags


Your achievements

Action Man
Date awarded: 13/09/2018 03:08
Lucky Beggar
Date awarded: 29/04/2018 19:02
Draken Hunter
Date awarded: 12/06/2017 16:42
Date awarded: 28/05/2017 18:43
Peaceful Fighter
Date awarded: 05/11/2016 18:45
Date awarded: 07/11/2015 18:39
Date awarded: 03/04/2015 22:10
Date awarded: 24/01/2015 19:52
Date awarded: 11/10/2014 17:47
Date awarded: 04/10/2014 16:14
Dragon Slayer
Date awarded: 05/09/2014 17:23

Date awarded: 26/08/2014 14:56
Date awarded: 07/08/2014 21:11
Date awarded: 11/07/2014 21:12
Date awarded: 24/11/2012 21:19
Achievement Description
Action Man
You're not only powerful but also well-informed!
Date awarded: 13/09/2018
Lucky Beggar
You would find a four-leaf clover in a desert.
Date awarded: 29/04/2018
Draken Hunter
You have no mercy for these evil creatures.
Date awarded: 12/06/2017
You helped the resistance prevail!
Date awarded: 28/05/2017
Peaceful Fighter
Sparring is fun!
Date awarded: 05/11/2016
It's always a good time to play a game!
Date awarded: 07/11/2015
Joining the inquisition was the right decision. The evil is no match for you now!
Date awarded: 03/04/2015
Walking is not an option for you.
Date awarded: 24/01/2015
You chose your side. The future of Yalahar lies in your hands!
Date awarded: 11/10/2014
Your strength obviously didn't grow out of vegetables!
Date awarded: 04/10/2014
Dragon Slayer
You spread death throughout all dragon caves.
Date awarded: 05/09/2014
You earned respect by defeating all your opponents in Svargrond arena tournaments.
Date awarded: 26/08/2014
You surely know, that magic potions always come in handy.
Date awarded: 07/08/2014
You're simply lucky.
Date awarded: 11/07/2014
This is your first badge. Welcome and enjoy your stay on our server!
Date awarded: 24/11/2012
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