Botting on Ariamir is prohibited, therefore you will be forced to use our Game Guard application on Ariamir, otherwise, you will not be able to travel there!

Ariamir Town

  1. Depo, Weapon Shop, Bank, Post office, Equipment
  2. Magic shop
  3. Ship
  4. Temple
  5. Food

Ariamir Island

  1. High class lizards, Ghastly Dragons
  2. Thornback Tortoises, Water Elementals, Massive Water Elementals
  3. Apes, Slimes, Hydras, Medusas, Serpent Spawns
  4. Bonelords, Bonebeasts, Elder Bonelords, Death Blobs, Hellspawns, Fire Elementals, Massive Fire Elementals, Hellfire Fighters
  5. High class lizards, Bonelords, Death Blobs, Behemoths, Destroyers
  6. High class lizards, Drakens
  7. Dragon Lords
  8. Furies