Asylum Town

Asylum can be reached from all major towns! Remember that whole island has PVP turned off! Asylum has it's own secrets and quests. Outside the town, you can find some strong monsters such as Hydras, Dragons, Dragon Lords and Grim Reapers. In town's sewers you will meet rats, spiders, slimes and bog raiders.

  1. Ship
  2. Food Shop
  3. Depo, Bank, Post office, Rashid
  4. Equipment Shop
  5. Weapons, armors and ammo
  6. Magic shop
  7. Blue Djinn shop
  8. Market - you will be able to put your Merchant here
  9. Temple
  10. Captain - Passage to Oxidia Island and Cursed Island
  11. Furniture shop

Asylum Island

  1. Asylum Town
  2. Elf Camp
  3. Rotworms Cave
  4. Dragons Camp
  5. Ruins - ghouls, skeletons, grim reapers
  6. Hydras Camp
  7. Stone Giants & Behemoths
  8. Magic Tower (Warlocks, all kind of sorcerers)
  9. Olduran Village
  10. Lizards Camp
  11. Giant Spiders
  12. Serpent Spawn & Medusa spawn