Engran Town

Engran is an island of secret places. You will find here over 30 hidden places, several quests and a lot of hunting spots. Prepare some tools for your adventure and have your eyes wide open! You will not regret it!

It is also a home island for Head Hunters faction. If you are interested in them you should visit north-east part of the island and talk to NPC Vithar.

  1. Ship
  2. Magic shop
  3. Furniture
  4. Food
  5. Equipment
  6. Distance & melee weapons
  7. Depo, bank, post office
  8. Merchant spots
  9. Temple

Engran Island

  1. rotworms, carrion worms
  2. all kinds of cyclopses
  3. bandits, smugglers, hunters, poachers, bonelords, souleaters, phantasms
  4. water elementals, massive water elementals, sea serpents, dragon lord hatchlings, dragon lords
  5. stone golems, behemoths
  6. slimes, bog raiders, hydras, medusas
  7. ghouls, demon skeletons, vampires, banshees, nightmares, nightmare scions, grim reapers
  8. undead mine workers, damaged worker golems, worker golems, war golems
  9. pirate marauders, pirate cutthroats, pirate bucaneers, pirate corsairs, pirate ghosts
  10. ghouls, demon skeletons, elder bonelords, undead dragons
  11. dragons, dragon hatchlings, dragon lords, dragon lord hatchlings
  12. rotworms, stone golems, destroyers
  13. wolves, stone golems, wyrms
  14. snakes, scorpions, slimes, bog raiders, serpent spawns

A - Entrance to restricted area of Birrick Castle
  1. undead mine workers, fire elementals, hellspawns
  2. bonelords, bonebeasts, furies
  3. mad scientists, warlocks
  4. skeletons, skeleton warriors, ghouls, vampires, nightmare scions, nightmares
  5. fire elementals, massive fire elementals, hellfire fighters, demons

* To enter Birrick Castle you have to get at least Mercenary Rank in Head Hunters Faction!

B - Entrance to restricted area of Sylvan Castle
  1. bonelords, stone golems, behemoths
  2. dragons, dragon hatchlings, dragon lords, dragon lord hatchlings
  3. bats, nightmare scions, nightmares, grim reapers
  4. cobras, slimes, bog raiders, hydras, serpent spawns

* To enter Sylvan Castle you have to get at least 30 achievements on Hexana World!