Heliar Town

Heliar can only be reached by boat from all major towns. Heliar has it's own secrets and some great spawns. You should definitely visit it!

  1. Ship - NPC Captain Marco
  2. Equpiment - NPC Xeril
  3. Food - NPC Elia
  4. Temple - NPC Telenius
  5. Depot, post office - NPC Elmis, Furniture - NPC Chasul, Bank - NPC Max
  6. Magic shop - NPC Tina

Heliar Island

  1. ghouls, skeletons, banshees, vampires, grim reapers, dark torturers
  2. undead mine walkers, undead prospectors, crypt shamblers, zombies, bonebeasts, banshees, liches, spectres, destroyers, phantasms, lost souls, blightwalkers
  3. demon skeletons, bonebeasts, undead dragons
  4. mutated tigers, mutated bats, souleaters
  5. vampires, nightmares, grim reapers
  6. zombies, souleaters, banshees, fire elementals, massive fire elementals, hellfire fighters, diabolic imps
  7. high class lizards (legionnaires, high guards, spellweavers, zaoguns, chosens)
  8. dragons, dragon lords
  9. vampires, fire devils, demons
  10. dragons, dragon lords
  11. dragons, dragon lords, ghastly dragons
  12. furies, vampires, vampire brides, necromancers, banshees, grim reapers, destroyers, behemoths
  13. gnarlhounds, high class lizards
  14. slimes, earth elementals, hydras
  15. earth elementals, death blobs, draken elites, ghosts, spectres
  16. bog raiders, behemoths, demons
  17. ghosts, banshees, specters, blightwalkers, beholders, elder beholders, braindeaths, hellspawns